Welcome to the Zouk Atoms!

Hi! We are Olga and Fernando, the creators of the System of the Zouk Atoms for Brazilian Zouk. Here you'll find an overview of our teaching. Thank you for your visit!

Master the Zouk Basics

See the footwork like never before and learn to add to it head movements keeping the regular rhythm.

Feel more freedom and creativity

Be able to move in any direction without following memorized choreographies.

100% Social Dancing

Learn a clean technique that allows you to adapt and dance at the socials with any partner

The new online course is available!

Our events

Date Name, Link & Description
Zouk Atoms Week Level 1 - Bremen
30 hours of training in beautiful training to know from the first hand the Zouk Atoms. This is our introductory level.
Zouk Atoms Week Level 2: Position B - Bremen
For all stundents that accomplished the Level 1 we offer three modules inside of the Level 2. In this week we will play around the position B. SOLD OUT!
29-1 Dec
Zouk Atoms Weekender Level 2: Position B - Bremen
One Weekender to refresh the things that we were working on in July during the Week Level 2
Zouk Atoms Week Level 2: Position F - Bremen
If you did the Level 1, you can join this Intensive Week to discover the secrets of the Position F
Zouk Atoms Week Level 1 - Bremen
30 hours of training to start to think in the zouk atoms way. This is our introductory level.

Date Name, Link & Description
Zouk Atoms Weekender - Heidelberg
Join us in Heidelberg. We love to teach how to dance in the Close Embrace
Zouk Atoms Weekender - Berlin
Come with us to Berlin to enjoy with this lovely community the Zouk Atoms
ZOUKTIME! dance holiday in Croatia 2024 - 1st Week
We will teaching in Croatia! Let's enjoy the summer time!
Zouk Atoms Weekend in Antwerp
We will be for the very first time teaching in Belgium!

Date Name, Link & Description
Beginner Intensive
20 hours of intensive training to learn the basics of zouk.
Ariel & Leticia - Lambada Weekend in Bremen
Ariel and Leticia are well known for their amazing lambada structure and teaching skills and they are back in Bremen! Join us to learn more lambada!
Head Movements
We will take time to introduce you little by little the head movement technique in lovely Bremen.
Zouk Elements Weekend with Jessica Lamdon
The lovely Jessica Lamdon is back in Bremen and we will spend the weekend exploring the possibilities of the Elements (earth, water, air and fire) to express our selves through the dance.
Lady Styling Day
One day in Bremen from 12:00 to 18:00 for the followers. 5 hours of workshops (+1 hour break) to get new inspiration from the amazing Jessica Lamdon for your dance. The workshop costs 65€ and you just need to contact us to register.
Zouk Training for Advanced with William & Irene
Enjoy one weekend for advanced dancers with the amazings William and Irene.

Date Name, Link & Description
1-6 May Prague Marathon
Our favourite social event and you cannot miss it!
7-18 Oct Lambada Mastery
We continue learning lambada with the masters Ariel & Leticia.

We love teaching Lambada and Close Embrace too!

Classes in Bremen

Visit us in our dance school!

We are based in Bremen, Germany, and you are very welcome to visit our regular weekly classes. Our dance school, Isla Zouk, a pure dance school for zouk and lambada, is placed in the historic center of the city.

Online classes

Our online courses

Would you like to learn the System of the Zouk Atoms comfortable at home? We've created a website for it. You can purchase there very different course about the Zouk Atoms, learn head movements technique and improve your leading and following skills.


NEW COURSE! Zouk Atoms Level 1 - Intensive Week

The last three years we have been teaching in Bremen the "Zouk Atoms Level 1 - Intensive Week": 30 Hours of intensive training in six days. With the gained experience we offer you now the online version of the course, to comfortably learn with us the Zouk Atoms and the head movements at home. It's the best introduction that you can get to the topic!


Traditional Zouk Atoms

In this bundle of courses we will take Brazilian Zouk and translate it into the language of the Zouk Atoms. You will see the matrix behind the steps that you were dancing till now, win a new understanding, learn how to combine everything in new ways and add head movements to the footwork.


New Atoms Set 1

The System of the Zouk Atoms shows you new footwork patterns that are waiting for you to be danced!

Social Media

    Here you find information about the events and their pictures.
    • Zouk Atoms: Our official facebook site related to the atoms.
    • Isla Zouk: The facebook site of the dance school.
    • Bremen Calling: Other events of us in Bremen that are not related to the atoms.
    Our Instagram accounts.
    • Zouk Atoms: A lot of tutorials about the atoms and our demos.
    • Isla Zouk: Tutorials in german and demos not related to the atoms.

Playlists on Youtube

Every Monday is atomic!

Every Monday you'll find on Youtube a new video about the Zouk atoms. Follow us!

The Family FF (2024)

Inside of the Zouk Atoms there are 9 families of patterns and 2024 we will show you fully one of the families: the Family FF.

Understanding the Zouk Basics with the Zouk Atoms (2023)

In this playlist we introduce to you some basic concepts of the Zouk Atoms (Position and Contra Body Movement) and show you how they work with 4 different atoms.

Some other playlists:

The System of the Zouk Atoms

A clear structure to learn easily

Learning a dance is much comfortable when you have a clear structure to organize the content. The System of the Zouk Atoms shows you a new way of think and connect the zouk basics. It will allow you to enjoy the dance with everybody without choreographies and discover a lot of new possibilities.

4 Modules to Master the Zouk Basics

We teach the System in four modules, 30 hours each. We would love to see you in Bremen!

Let's stay in contact!

If you love to improve your zouk basics, learn more lambada or enjoy the close embrace, then we have a lot in common! Let's stay in contact!
Big hug from Bremen,
Olga & Fernando

Stay connected and join our vibrant community. For any inquiries or assistance, feel free to reach out to us